Types Of Casino Games On Facebook


Gambling and games of fortune have always attracted people, no matter their age, social status, gender or race. The very thought of winning some easy money is certainly appealing to anyone. Therefore, the casino industry has been and it still remains among the most successful areas of business. On the other hand, with the appearance of the Internet, everything has slowly started moving online, and so did the casino games. Online gambling has many advantages; discretion, availability and big choice of games being only a few among them. One of the greatest advantages is also the fact that you are not obliged to play for real money, unlike in real brick-and-mortar casinos. Therefore, if you decide that you just want to have fun, try out a game or do a little practice before you decide to play for actual money, most online casinos provide you with the opportunity to do so.

spinpalace-roulette-bHowever, there is one more way of playing casino games online without having to register in an online casino. You probably already have an account on Facebook. Maybe you have even played some of the popular games their gaming center offers. Well, in the sea of different types of games, Facebook also offers casino games for their users to play. One thing to know is that you cannot play for real money if you decide to play these games on Facebook. You play for credits, which can be won through the games themselves or you can scratch a lottery ticket in order to try your luck and raise the number of credits. The only real transaction that can be done with Facebook is when you want to buy credits in order to go on playing, in case you run out of them. You can use Facebook Payment System in order to purchase additional credits, so you can go on with your game.

113sadNow, which casino games can you play on Facebook? Well, pretty much all of them. All the classic casino games have their online counterpart on online casino websites and on Facebook as well. If you decide to play slots, you will find many different kinds of these, either resembling classic fruit machines, or slots with various themes, such as Vikings, vampires, mafia etc. Roulette also comes in various forms, so you can play with other Facebook users, you can chat during the game, and some of the games even have the option of video-chat. When it comes to card games, you can choose pretty much anything, from the simplest card games to the most complex ones. Since one of the most popular card games is poker, you will find all of its variants on Facebook, with the most popular one definitely being Texas Hold ‘em. It is a community card poker, and since Facebook is a social network, it is no wonder that Texas Hold ‘em has found its way to many users of this network. Other than these, you can also play games like craps or dice, blackjack and more, whether they are classic or new casino games.

If you decide to play casino games on Facebook, keep in mind that it is just for fun. You cannot earn money, but if your friends like casino games as well, you can include them as well and this way you will make the game even more fun and enjoyable.