Three Poker Golden Rules


Do you think that you have full control of your brain when playing poker? How does brain work when under pressure? Here are few ideas on how our brain work and how we can play online pokies better using this facts. These tips are also usable in everyday life. This article doesn’t look like a gambler’s one but these facts can you use during any gambling game.

Rule 1: Your brain does creative job well when you are tired.

gambling chipsScientist came to a conclusion that our brain works better complex things during day hours, but becomes more creative when you are tired and when the night falls. Late period of day is probably perfect for an artist but a poker player can find in it more answers to think opposite. Poker is a game of analytics in which you are constantly checking out your opponents and searching for cracks in your opponent’s habits so you could use it effectively for your gain. The winning poker player should start his day a little bit earlier. In that way he can increase his chances to counter complex thoughts when playing poker. This works both for live playing and online.

Rule 2: Stress can make your mind shrink and make it smaller

15In our everyday lives, we all are victims of stress in one sort or another. It affects our brain badly. Although, it is usual to experience stress on daily bases, it is not hard to conclude that stress can affect your game badly. This is important if your stresses are coming from poker. You should give everything you can, in order to outline stress and focus on the task in hand. That can be extremely difficult because the complexity of playing and patience that is required. It can affect badly your decision making and make you lose money. For professional poker players, it is important to adapt and to recognize are they under a lot of stress or not. When you are not feeling well or you feel angry, it is better to wait for a better day and then play.

Rule 3: We should start sympathizing people who make more mistakes

imagesThis idea is clear in poker. Every player who plays poker has its own interest in actions of his poker colleagues and when someone makes a mistake it doesn’t pass unnoticeable. The player who makes mistakes can be an easy prey for professional players. It is really simple. If you even look like you will make a mistake, other players will be more fond of you, and if you look serious and professional they will become more frustrated but more cautious too. This can be extremely useful if you are playing live.

I hope that these rules will help you whether you play online or live. It’s really good for you if you think things through before you start a game. You should check out your feellings and are you in a good mood. Playing angry will just make you a loser. And you should know that every player sits to make money, so keep that in mind.