Three Poker Golden Rules


Do you think that you have full control of your brain when playing poker? How does brain work when under pressure? Here are few ideas on how our brain work and how we can play online pokies better using this facts. These tips are also usable in everyday life. This article doesn’t look like a gambler’s one but these facts can you use during any gambling game.

Rule 1: Your brain does creative job well when you are tired.

gambling chipsScientist came to a conclusion that our brain works better complex things during day hours, but becomes more creative when you are tired and when the night falls. Late period of day is probably perfect for an artist but a poker player can find in it more answers to think opposite. Poker is a game of analytics in which you are constantly checking out your opponents and searching for cracks in your opponent’s habits so you could use it effectively for your gain. The winning poker player should start his day a little bit earlier. In that way he can increase his chances to counter complex thoughts when playing poker. This works both for live playing and online.

Rule 2: Stress can make your mind shrink and make it smaller

15In our everyday lives, we all are victims of stress in one sort or another. It affects our brain badly. Although, it is usual to experience stress on daily bases, it is not hard to conclude that stress can affect your game badly. This is important if your stresses are coming from poker. You should give everything you can, in order to outline stress and focus on the task in hand. That can be extremely difficult because the complexity of playing and patience that is required. It can affect badly your decision making and make you lose money. For professional poker players, it is important to adapt and to recognize are they under a lot of stress or not. When you are not feeling well or you feel angry, it is better to wait for a better day and then play.

Rule 3: We should start sympathizing people who make more mistakes

imagesThis idea is clear in poker. Every player who plays poker has its own interest in actions of his poker colleagues and when someone makes a mistake it doesn’t pass unnoticeable. The player who makes mistakes can be an easy prey for professional players. It is really simple. If you even look like you will make a mistake, other players will be more fond of you, and if you look serious and professional they will become more frustrated but more cautious too. This can be extremely useful if you are playing live.

I hope that these rules will help you whether you play online or live. It’s really good for you if you think things through before you start a game. You should check out your feellings and are you in a good mood. Playing angry will just make you a loser. And you should know that every player sits to make money, so keep that in mind.

Best Mobile Casino Apps

drake-mobile-casinoOnline casino is experiencing a strong and stable growth in popularity, and ever since the first gambling websites of the 1990s more and more people take part in this type of entertainment. A lot of people come to online casinos for fun, but some of them come in hope of hitting that life-changing jackpot. No matter the reason, they all demand excellent game experience and perfect performances, combined with high security standards and safety protocols. All of this is enabled to them via online casino sites and the service is constantly being improved. However, another way of providing games to customers has appeared on the market with the development of smartphones and overall upgrades to mobile devices.

Mobile phones offer several advantages to potential gamers, maintaining high levels of security along with good visual and sound quality. Applications are the thing of the future, although even by now there are huge numbers of them (in July this year there were 1.6 million apps available to Android users and 1.5 million to iOS powered devices). Mobile casino apps still do not make large portion of these numbers, but there are some fantastic applications available at the moment:

  • mobile-casino-appsJackpot City certainly presents a big-time name in the world of online gambling. The original site was founded in 1998 and through all these years has kept spotless reputation and increased both in numbers of games as well as in gaming experience. Similar to supreme quality of the website, the mobile app offers ultimate enjoyment to users of mobile devices. Powered by Microgaming software this mobile app offers seventeen amazing games along with big bonuses and top-notch security.
  • Vegas Paradise is also a well-known online casino site with a long tradition of offering the best possible entertainment to its customers. As of late, this is also provided in the form of a mobile application, which is powered by Microgaming and highly compatible with various mobile operating systems and optimized for a perfect touch-screen gaming enjoyment. A great number of games are on offer with this app, including slots, roulette and different types of table and card games.
  • mobile-casino-apps (1)Spin Palace is probably the most recognizable and the most trusted online casino service. Started in 2001 this company provides high quality games (over 400 of them on the website) and supreme levels of security (with its famous eCOGRA Safe & Fair certificate). Mobile version of this online casino brings to your fingertips the best possible virtual entertainment and various types of gambling options. Also, the games on this site provide big jackpots and the company usually pays out more than $5 million in winnings every day. Bonuses are equally impressive and with simple sign-up players are entitled to $1000 bonus, which can grow very fast through popular progressive jackpot games, such as Mega Moolah.
  • Jackpot Paradise is a pretty new mobile app which only recently made its debut on the internet gambling market. However, it comes with immaculate credentials and references since it is licensed from the Maltese LGA and certified by Gambleaware and Thawte so potential players have no concerns when it comes to security. Millions of them are being drawn to this attractive new app, and with great selection of games and exciting bonuses there is no doubt that this app will be downloaded many times more.

Types Of Casino Games On Facebook


Gambling and games of fortune have always attracted people, no matter their age, social status, gender or race. The very thought of winning some easy money is certainly appealing to anyone. Therefore, the casino industry has been and it still remains among the most successful areas of business. On the other hand, with the appearance of the Internet, everything has slowly started moving online, and so did the casino games. Online gambling has many advantages; discretion, availability and big choice of games being only a few among them. One of the greatest advantages is also the fact that you are not obliged to play for real money, unlike in real brick-and-mortar casinos. Therefore, if you decide that you just want to have fun, try out a game or do a little practice before you decide to play for actual money, most online casinos provide you with the opportunity to do so.

spinpalace-roulette-bHowever, there is one more way of playing casino games online without having to register in an online casino. You probably already have an account on Facebook. Maybe you have even played some of the popular games their gaming center offers. Well, in the sea of different types of games, Facebook also offers casino games for their users to play. One thing to know is that you cannot play for real money if you decide to play these games on Facebook. You play for credits, which can be won through the games themselves or you can scratch a lottery ticket in order to try your luck and raise the number of credits. The only real transaction that can be done with Facebook is when you want to buy credits in order to go on playing, in case you run out of them. You can use Facebook Payment System in order to purchase additional credits, so you can go on with your game.

113sadNow, which casino games can you play on Facebook? Well, pretty much all of them. All the classic casino games have their online counterpart on online casino websites and on Facebook as well. If you decide to play slots, you will find many different kinds of these, either resembling classic fruit machines, or slots with various themes, such as Vikings, vampires, mafia etc. Roulette also comes in various forms, so you can play with other Facebook users, you can chat during the game, and some of the games even have the option of video-chat. When it comes to card games, you can choose pretty much anything, from the simplest card games to the most complex ones. Since one of the most popular card games is poker, you will find all of its variants on Facebook, with the most popular one definitely being Texas Hold ‘em. It is a community card poker, and since Facebook is a social network, it is no wonder that Texas Hold ‘em has found its way to many users of this network. Other than these, you can also play games like craps or dice, blackjack and more, whether they are classic or new casino games.

If you decide to play casino games on Facebook, keep in mind that it is just for fun. You cannot earn money, but if your friends like casino games as well, you can include them as well and this way you will make the game even more fun and enjoyable.

Trends in Online Gambling


During the past decade, many everyday activities have been moving online. Nowadays you can do pretty much anything on the Internet: pay your bills, buy a concert ticket, book a flight or accommodation, buy whatever you feel like in online stores, as well as sell any kind of goods. With all this being possible, it is logical that online gambling is also one of the many things Internet has to offer. Online bank accounts make placing and raising funds easier and more available than ever before.

Virtual casino developers have recognized the needs of modern society and the possibilities to put the games available online, therefore the number of online casinos at the moment is quite large, and is constantly on the rise. In the countries where classic gambling is legal, its online counterpart is legal as well, since the money is nowadays easily transferred through the Internet.

According to some researches, online gambling will cross over into mainstream by 2019. The researches state that by 2019 there will be 1 out of 10 adults engaged in some form of mobile or online gambling, in one way or another. Trends are particularly advanced in the UK and Italy, where even a half of adults are going to be involved in the world of online gambling until the provided deadline.


It is assumed that the liberalization of online markets across Europe and the USA will particularly contribute to this trend, since the new regulations provide smooth business and cash flow. One more factor is also important, and that is convenience of access – which is certainly the dominant role played by smartphones. Also, there is the obvious migration from standard forms of gambling, lotteries and other forms of betting and gaming to their digital forms or equivalents.

online-gambling (1)As far as Europe is concerned, it is expected that the latest EU AMD (Anti-Money Laundering) directive will lead to harmonization of the market within the European Union. Connected with this, harmonization of national policies towards gambling and betting is expected, with an emphasis on online gambling forms. Some countries, such as Portugal, have imposed new forms of taxation, which caused that some key players withdraw from the market, as did William Hill. Something similar happened in Germany, where they Playtech and Mansion have withdrawn. However, the research company shows that it does not lead to a reduction in online gambling – on the contrary, the number of users is not reduced, and it actually happens is that they move to unlicensed bookmakers and casinos, which do not provide the country with income.

There are a large number of Internet casinos, and more are yet to appear, as well as that the number of people gambling online is constantly rising. Because of all this, it is necessary that the national policy on gambling is in order and in compliance with all the other laws, in order for online gambling to be completely legal and not to pose problems for its users.

How To Choose The Best Game To Play


Let’s face the truth , games are a part of our existence and steady form of entertainment. Regardless of where we live , regardless of how old we are, regardless of our occupation, we are all looking for entertainment at some point. In most cases, the Internet is our first stop. It is no wonder since we know that it has millions of games available to play online and new games have been added each day.

The choice of the game depends on your wishes and your preferences.

290286-the-history-of-pac-manArcade games offer good quality graphics, sounds and fun gameplay. The main characteristic of arcade games is that they have short leves but difficulty rapidly increase. This games are made in such a way that the focus is on gameplay not on story or the content.If you don’t like games without ends and frontiers, than this is the type of games that are made for you.

Simulation games are providing the players with the aspects of a real or fictional reality. There is no strict goal in the game and you can freely control a character while you’re doing various activities from real life. Have youe ever had a dream that you have the power to create your own life? Have you ever wondered what is it like to be a farmer, a pilot, sportsman or a movie star ? If answer is yes, then simulation games are exactly what you are looking for.

If you like sport then the sites with online sports games are what you need. There you can choose from the large collection of these games. These sites offer you everything from tennis, baseball, basketball , bowling and football games, to supercar rasing and motorcycle gamesIf you want to feel that you actually playing the sport than you know what kind of games you should choose.

flash-games-for-pcIf you want games that you can play over the Internet using a web browser then flash games are the option for you. This games include: action, advenure, car games, multiplayer games, puzzle and other online flash games. You can play them 24-7, whenever you get bored with Facebook, YouTube, Twiter and so on.So if you haven’t tried them yet, perhaps it is the time to give them a try. You will certainly come back for more.

If not even one of this games bring you the type of experience you demand than you should check online gambling. The gambling sites cover casino games, bingo, sports betting, poker, and more.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional gambler, you will have great gambling experience and it may turn out that is is your lucky day. It is worth trying.

Games allow people to live in a virtual world when they want to escape in it for few hours, in order to relax and defeat stress. We all like games and the fact that we can play the games we like just for the sake of enjoying it , is incredible.